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    Law departments


The analysis, and advisory projects as well as the experience gained in designing and implementing the software for law firms have allowed us to use the best practices and to create the complex software for in-house law departments.

The software is based on registering, controlling and settling the given orders as well as activities performed (billing) together with extended feature of reporting and analysis.

The solutions applied in TF Department allow to control the processes and increase the efficiency of tasks performed by law departments putting the particular stress on:

  • registering and settling the works
  • cost control of particular orders
  • employee evaluation
  • order control and management for external law firms
  • reporting
  • documents management - contracts, mandates, enablement and the process of their circulation and acceptation.

Such solutions were developed, among others, for Polish Mail, ING financial services and also for the law department of a large enterprise.

Law departments’ activity in enterprises also support our other software and solutions whose functionality is inscribed into the nature of their activity.

  • TimeFrame Documents supports the management of document and information circulation. It allows systematisation of knowledge base, and document arrangement. It also supports the team work and archiving. The mechanisms used allow quick and simple documents or their fragments search also by the words occurring in the content. Search mechanism allows the search of groups of documents such as a contract with annexes. The tool adds to security in the area of document access and also allows to monitor the users’ activity. Besides working only with the software directly in standardized user environment e.g. MS Word, Excel, Power Point or Outlook, there is a possibility to use web interface.
  • TFDep Court module is a tool in TimeFrame Department software which enables the registration of court cases assigned to the client, registration of occurrences concerning the given case, on-going monitoring of terms and activities concerning the cases in process. It also supports the management of key information. It also provides a quick access to documents needed.
  • UnifyDoc - this application easily solves the problem of time consuming and troublesome document formatting in accordance to company patterns especially those extended in form created by many teams.


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